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Walking displays a theatrical and choreographic work linked to the figure of the walker. In a minimalist set, Gregory Stauffer performs several main characters of a tale which always takes us a little further up, where the soil is shining for all.
GenèveActive, Jacques Magnol – March 2015
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Stauffer puts one foot before the other. And goes far!
Walking stands far from narrative conventions. Minimal, the performance leaves plenty of time to associations of ideas to surface. At the finishing line, we have been dissecting this gesture which syncopates our daily lives, to which no fit biped care about anymore, and which, yet, step by step,, reveals itself panting. Let go of how the world walks: run for it!
Tribune de Genève, Katia Berger – March 2015
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La pièce a l'effet d'une bombe complètement étrange et fascinante.
toutelaculture.com, Amelie Blaustein Niddam – février 2017
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Gregory Stauffer (born in 1980, lives and works in Geneva) has a playful and serious mind. He creates, since 2006, a work which is deliberately located in a transverse and blurred territory between dance and performance with video touches here and there

His work, lined primarly with collaborations with musicians, visual artists and actors, has been performed as much in theaters and festivals as galeries. He was part, with Marius Schaffter, of the Swiss contemporary dance days 2015 with their piece Schaffter and Stauffer, as well as at the Something Raw festival 2015 in Amsterdam. He performed the serial creation 2/3 in collaboration with Bastien Gachet at the Swiss contemporary dance days in January 2013, at the Théâtre de l’Usine in 2011, at the Festival Les Urbaines in 2012, at the Festival Far° 2013 and at the contemporary art centre of Yverdon in 2014. He has participated, among other things, in the Biennale for Contemporary Art 2013 in Athens and to the Swiss Performance Award in 2012. His latest creation, Walking, created in 2015 at the TU, Théâtre de l’Usine, in Geneva, has been performed at the FAR festival in Nyon and at the CCS in Paris.

He is part of the international artists collective Authentic Boys with which he has performed Happyland, a video installation at the Bâtiment d’art Contemporain in 2014, as well as the video Rehearsing Revolution at the FAR festival for performing arts in Nyon in 2014.




« In Walking, Gregory Stauffer is dedicated to walking. Alpine hikes as well as urban drifts were sources of inspiration in his past creations, the artist works wth video, visual art and performance. In this solo, he investigates, with a gesture full of humor and ingenuity, the mechanism wich transforms and binds the mind and the body in the act of walking».
The experience has something of a shamanic trance : the ground, feet first, then everything else. More info HERE.


Walking creation 2015
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