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These Are My Principles
Le théâtre que développe Phil Hayes est ludique autant qu'intelligent, à la recherche de formes scéniques inédites et souvent très simples, où les contours de l'improvisation donnent le ton de pièces en réalité très réfléchies. Délicieux!.
24 Heures – mars 2017
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Je m'interroge sur l'idée derrière les principes, s'ils existent toujours. Et quelle importance ils ont. La manière dont nous faisons nos choix. S'il y en a que nous évitons de faire. D'autres qui nous mettent en colère ou nous déçoivent
Entretien Théâtre de Vidy, par Anke Hoffmann – 2016
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Legends and Rumours
La mécanique du rire
Gauche Hebdo, par Bertrand Tappolet – mars 2016
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Legends and Rumours
Sehr schön erfunden
NZZ - Neue Zürcher Zeitung, par Katja Baigger – mai 2013
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These Are My Principles
Muss der Arzt nach Afrika oder muss er nicht?
Tagi – 2016
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Phil Hayes is a performance-maker, performer, actor, director and musi­cian. He was born on the south coast of England, studied Creative Arts in Newcastle upon Tyne and lived and worked there between 1985 and 1995. 
Based in Zurich since 1998, he creates his own performance and theatre work mainly under the label First Cut Productions including;

Waiting For Rod (2005), 
The First Cut (2007), 
Where Were We (2008), 
Awkward Human (2011), 
Legends & Rumours (2013),  
Love & Happiness (2014),
Places Of Interest (2016),
These Are My Principles... (2016). 

Phil also makes performance-based works in other contexts under his own name, as well as working as a freelance artist in collaborations with other artists and groups. He regularly tours internationally both with his own work and with other projects. He has also been a regular collaborator with British performance group Forced Entertainment and with choreographer Simone Aughterlony.

He has worked in projects for and with (amongst others); CAMPO, Maria Jerez, Thomas Kasebacher, Chris Kondek & Christiane Kuehl, Angela Schanelec, watzdameyer, Sachs & Suhner, Salome Schneebeli, Stadttheater Bern, Regina Wenig, Cocoloco Performance, Urbanauts, Mass & Fieber, Natural Theatre Company, Bruvvers,Thom Luz, Knarf Rellöm, Low Flying Theatre, Guz, Live Theatre Company, Jerry J. Nixon, DALA Produkte and Voodoo Rhythm Records.

Phil Is also currently active with his band Phil Hayes & The Trees, releasing two albums since 2015 on the DALA Produkte label.

In 2013 he was awarded a Werkstipendium prize by the city of Zurich for his work to date.
In 2016/17 Phil was artist - in residence at the Zhdk (Zurich University of the Arts)



These Are My Principles...
"These are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others" (Groucho Marx) is a performance project about principles, what they mean in a world of compromise, how before everything was somehow much clearer. Why did something you once believed in so strongly and that seemed so important to you, something that you and others found so inspiring... cease to have the same importance. Why, when it seemed so clear as to which side you were on, do people find it so difficult to say what they are actually for or against. Where has all this compromise brought us? Has consensus somehow corrupted the idea of principle? Are there still lines we don’t cross? Does money change everything? Can you do something good inside of something that you think is ultimately bad? Can you still make principled choices?


A co-production with Gessnerallee Zurich, Kaserne Basel, Südpol Luzern et Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne.

WORK (working title) is a new performance piece currently being researched. It is the end of the day and we are trying to do the right thing.
It will premiere in November 2017 in Zurich. A largely choreographic piece involving some of the previous research from the short piece Hi, How Are You? it will attempt to deal with some of the following questions;

  • How do people who are given no responsibility make decisions?
  • If so much "work" is about organising "work", is the real work done elsewhere by other people?
  • Is it possible to do something good inside something that is broken?


LEGENDS & RUMOURS creation 2013
PLACES OF INTEREST creation 2016
WORK   creation 2018
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