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Tutu Production is a production and distribution agency founded in Geneva in 2007.

We focus our activities in the field of contemporary dance and theater, performance and video - dance.

Currently , we are working with six artists and companies :

Marco Berrettini
Ruth Childs
Christian Geffroy Schlittler
Phil Hayes
Gregory Stauffer
Cindy Van Acker


Each of the artists we support develops a distinctive, strong and committed artistic work. They share a fundamental will to continuously explore the existing scenic forms and languages, questioning both the look we take at ourselves and the world around us.

By partnering with their commitments, our desire is to help them find the visibility they deserve among the diversity of the current scope of performing arts.

Tutu Production has received the support of the Loterie Romande, République et Canton de Genève and Pourcent culturel Migros.

Tutu Production is
Véronique Maréchal
Pauline Coppée
Lise Leclerc
Julia Félix, stagiaire
Marie Jeanson, satellite


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