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Marco Berrettini insuffle corps et déraison à un balancement du mouvement archaïque, en contrepoint d'un chœur enfantin. Un joyau scénique et réflexif.
Le Courrier, Bertrand Tappolet – avril 2017
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iFeel2 & Cry
Berrettini, by the edge
mouvement.net, Gérard Mayen – mars 2014
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Here, formal knowledge is matched only by the sensitivity and understanding of the subject.
Le Courrier, Bertrand Tappolet – novembre 2012
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Two heavenly dancers
Le Temps, Alexandre Demidoff – novembre 2012
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There are some artists that we can not thank enough to exist. For their own risk-taking, their confidence in a joyful art leading a quest as essential as casual. Marco Berrettini, a bad choreographic pupil, is one of them.
Le Temps, Marie-Pierre Genecand - janvier 2010

No Paraderan
No Paraderan, or the extended limits of representation
Art Press, Laurent Goumarre – mars 2005
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No Paraderan
You have not finished to laugh, even if there is a good chance that the laugh is forced..
Les Inrockuptibles, Philippe Noisette – novembre 2004
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Marco Berrettini born 23.10.1963 in Aschaffenburg – Germany. His interest in dancing began in 1978, when he won the German championship of Disco Dancing. Thereupon he decides to improve his technical skills. In the next following three years, he?ll take a multitude of classes and workshops in Jazz Dance, Modern Dance and classical ballet.

After his A levels, he starts a professional dance-formation; first at the London School of Contemporary Dance, then at the Folkwangschulen Essen, under the direction of Hans Züllig and Pina Bausch.

In Essen and Wuppertal he develops his interest for the German Tanztheater and choreographs his first contemporary Solo: “the horny Santa Claus”. In 1988 he signs a contract with a French dance company. Besides his work for the choreographer Georges Appaix, he creates his own pieces. In 1999 the Kampnagel Theatre in Hamburg produces his show “MULTI(S)ME”.

Since then Marco Berrettini, in collaboration with his Company, has produced more than 15 pieces and won some prizes like the ZKB PRIZE at the Theaterspektakel Festival in Zurich. In 2005 “No Paraderan” opened at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris (A huge scandal breaks out the Opening night).

Berrettini's work spreads widely. From the Performance in Museums to movie-productions with foreign film-directors; from Video-Installations at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to festive dinner parties with famous people who don?t know him at all.

From 2004 to 2007, he's responsible for the “Body training“ section at the Theater High School (HETSR) in Lausanne.



My Soul Is My Visa

iFeel4 (2017)
For this creation, Marco Berrettini turnes to solo and resumes working on continuous movement. He collaborates again with Samuel Pajand for the musical composition of this piece for which a chorus of six children is formed in each of the host cities.
Premiered from the 22nd to the 26th of February 2017 at the ADC in Geneva.


iFeel4 creation 2017
iFeel3 creation 2016
CRY creation 2013
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