Ruth Childs: Pastime ©Gregory Batardon

Cindy Van Acker
After the outstanding tour of Anechoic gathering some fifty dancers as part of the Fête de la danse, Cindy Van Acker will meet Romeo Castellucci for the staging of the opera Tannhäuser at the Staatsoper in Munich, which she is choreographing. Premiere on May 21st.
In May, you will also have the opportunity to see some solo forms signed by the choreographer. First in Orléans, the revival of Obtus, danced by Marthe Krummenacher on a sound creation by Mika Vainio.

Then, in Palermo, Italy, we invite you to discover Knusa, a new solo by Cindy Van Acker, danced by herself. This performance is inspired by the photographic work of Christian Lutz Insert Coins created in Las Vegas, and is performed at the heart of the exhibition of these images.

Next dates
16/5 Obtus Théâtre d'Orléans Orléans (F)
26+27/5 Insert Coins/Knusa Église Palermo (I)


  Knusa - Cindy Van Acker
iInsert Coins/Knusa ©Olivier Oberson

Ruth Childs continues touring with the soli Pastime, Carnation, Museum Piece in Switzerland, France, Germany and the United States, pieces created in the sixties by her aunt Lucinda Childs.

Then, Ruth Childs will revive a new series of performances created by her aunt in the 70's: Particular Reel, Calico Mingling, Reclining Rondo, Katema. These pieces mark the beginning of the use of repetitive movement in the work of the famous American choreographer. A preview of Katema will take place in July at the KunstHaus in Zurich, and the whole of this new series will be premiered at the Bâtie Festival in Geneva in early September.

Next dates
16/6 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece  CCN de Tours                    Tours (Fr)
25/6 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece Extension Sauvage Combourg (F)
29/6 - 01/7 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece  Dance the Yard Chilmark (USA)
8+9/7 Katema (preview) KunstHaus Zurich (CH)
7/8 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece   Tanzwerkstatt-europa Munich (D)
2-4/9 Particular Reel/Calico Mingling/ Reclining Rondo/Katema (premiere) La Bâtie Festival de Genève Geneva (CH)
10/9 Calico Mingling "Fou de Danse" Volksbühne Berlin (D)
24/9 Reclining Rondo/Katema Museo Vincenzo Vela Ligornetto (CH)


  Childs ©Gregory Batardon
Katema ©Gregory Batardon

Marco Berrettini continues the year with the iFeel series, of which the last episode, iFeel4, was created in February 2017 at the ADC Geneva - extract here. This September iFeel2 and iFeel4 will be presented at the BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen in Norway.

Meanwhile, Marco Berrettini is working on his new creation Body World Trip which will be presented in February 2018 at the Galpon in Geneva.

Next dates
13+14/9 iFeel2 BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen (N)
15+16/9 iFeel4 BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen (N)


  Berrettini_iFeel4_Christian Lutz
iFeel4 ©Christian Lutz

Gregory Stauffer
Performing at the ADC in Geneva and also in Südpol Lucerne with his latest creation Dreams for the Dreamless, Gregory Stauffer is constantly developing his multidisciplinary work in search of an alternative and renewed questions during his wanderings. Dreams for the dreamless is an immersion in Scandinavian landscapes, landscapes impregnated with the emotions and experiences of the choreographer during his one month residency in Mustarinda in Finland. Gregory Stauffer invites the viewer into a dream, the theater of our contemporary society in which it is up to us to write our story. To see or see again in September at the Arsenic in Lausanne.

In September also, his previous creation Walking will be presented in an open air version in Zurich, at the Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon.

Next dates
16/9 Walking Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon Zurich (CH)
09 (dtbc) Dreams for the dreamless Arsenic Lausanne (CH)


  Gregory Stauffer: Dreams for the Dreamless ©Gregory Batardon
Dreams for the dreamless ©Gregory Batardon


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