Cindy Van Acker, Anechoic_photo Julien Descombes

We want to mark the end of winter by offfering you to discover new creations or going to see some amazing revivals. Welcome to Tutu’s spring !

Marco Berrettini
Created in February 2017, iFeel4 closes the "iFeel" series in a very beautifully and consistent way. Here again a remarkable complicity goes on between Marco Berrettini and the musician Samuel Pajand. On stage are gathered solo dance, piano, singing and a children's choir. IFeel4 questions the individual and his ability to reinvent himself, accept changes and react to external and internal influences. Rendezvous at the Arsenic in Lausanne.
Marco Berrettini will also reunite with Marie-Caroline Hominal for a performance of their mythical duo, iFeel2 at the Montpellier CCN

Next dates
3/21 iFeel2 ICI-CCN Montpellier Montpellier (F)
4/7-9 iFeel4 Arsenic Lausanne (CH)


  iFeel4, Marco Berrettini ©Christian Lutz
iFeel4 ©Christian Lutz

Cindy Van Acker
Cindy Van Acker is reviving the solos Lanx (danced by herself) and Obtus (danced by Marthe Krummenacher). Created in 2009 and presented among others at the Festival d’Avignon and at the TransAmériques in Montréal,  they are part of a series of solos that can be jointly programmed in a single evening. To see in March and May at the Théâtre d’Orléans.

Anechoic will in turn be revived at the Fête de la danse in Geneva, Lausanne, Zürich and Sierre. This time gathering 49 dancers from the Ballet Junior de Genève, Dance Area, la Manufacture (Bachelor in dance) and the Marchepied. Anechoic is a monumental and stunning performance suitable for large spaces.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the opportunity to see the creation for the Elementen I Room at the Teatro Central Sevilla.

Next dates
3/21 Lanx Théâtre d'Orléans Orléans (F)
3/31 & 4/1 Elementen I – Room Teatro Central Sevilla (ES)
5/3 Anechoic Fête de la danse Geneva (CH)
5/4 Anechoic Fête de la Danse/Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne (CH)
5/5 Anechoic Zürich Tanzt Zürich (CH)
5/6 Anechoic Fête de la Danse / TLH Sierre (CH)
5/16 Obtus Théâtre d'Orléans Orléans (F)


  Lanx, Cindy Van Acker ©Isabelle Meister
Lanx ©Isabelle Meister

Marie-Caroline Hominal, –Oh My God !– has just returned from Chicago, where she was invited as part of the OnEdge Festival with Le Triomphe de la Renommée. This striking creation from 2013 is being exported to the four corners of the world. It will be presented at the DNK in Sofia Bulgaria on the 18th and 19th of March.

Back to Switzerland, Marie-Caroline is again staging her 2016 creation, Taxi-Dancers, at the Kaserne in Basel. In motion HERE. « Clubs bore the name of promises they rarely held : Dreamland, Fantaisy, Paradis, Starlight. They were the Holywood anteroom, of baroque chandelier and half dim light. They would drain the possibility of refusal away from the encounter. Despite a brief dance as a “ vertical frutration of a horizontal desire “» (Pierre Desproges), everything worked in this other chargeable relationship. » Arnaud Robert.

Finally, let yourself be surprised by Where’s the MC a series of radio programs hosted by Marie- Caroline Hominal live and in public that tackles the big and small subjects of life in a quirky way. The previous broadcasts can be listened to HERE.

Next dates
3/18+19 Le Triomphe de la Renommée DNK Sofia (BG)
3/23-24 Taxi-Dancers Kaserne Basel (CH)
4/28+29 Where's the MC Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)
5/2-7 Where's the MC Festival Springhouse Hellerau, Dresden (DE)


  Taxi-Dancers, Marie-Caroline Hominal ©Gregory Batardon
Taxi-Dancers ©Gregory Batardon

Gregory Stauffer
After the success of his solo Walking, lately programed at the Journées de danse contemporaine suisse, Grégory Stauffer will present his new creation Dreams for the dreamless at the ADC Geneva from the 29th of March until the 8th of April.  This multidisciplinary performance transforms the stage into a proper universe, born from the psyche and ruled by its inner gravitational pulls, its dark meanders and its own jokes. Dreams for the dreamless will also be performed at the Südpol in Lucerne at the end of April.

Next dates
3/29-4/8 Dreams for the dreamless (première) ADC-Genève Geneva (CH)
4/27+28 Dreams for the dreamless Südpol Luzern (CH)


  Dreams for the dreamless, Gregory Stauffer ©Gregory Batardon
Dreams for the dreamless ©Gregory Batardon

Ruth Childs performed at the Journées de danse contemporaine suisse the program of soli Pastime, Carnation, Museum Piece choreographed in the sixties by her aunt Lucinda Childs. In June, Ruth will tour those soli in Tours and in Combours in France, then in Chilmark in the USA. Extracts HERE.

A prolific beginning of the summer season for Ruth, who will also debute the rehearsals for Particular Reel, Calico Mingling, Reclining Rondo, Katema ; a new re-creation of the performances by Lucinda Childs, this time originated in the seventies.

But before, we are inviting you to discover another magical side of Ruth Childs with the release of the new EP of Scarlett’s Fall (Ruth Childs and Stéphane Vecchione) : « Scarlett’s Scared », on the 28th of April at Mental Groove Records. The opening will take place on the 3rd of May at the Bourg in Lausanne  and on the 11th of May at the Gravière in Geneva.

Next dates
5/3 Vernissage « Scarlett’s Scared » Bourg Lausanne (CH)
5/11 Vernissage « Scarlett’s Scared » La Gravière Geneva  (CH)
6/16 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece CCN de Tours Tours (Fr)
6/25 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece Extension Sauvage Combourg (F)
26/29 - 7/01 Pastime, Carnation et Museum Piece  Dance the Yard Chilmark (USA)


  Museum Piece, Ruth Childs ©Gregory Batardon
Museum Piece ©Gregory Batardon


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