Phil Hayes, These Are My Principles ©N. Spoerri

While we are still steeped in summer reveries and dreamy landscapes, the new season begins! We invite you to extend the journey by joining Ruth Childs, Gregory Stauffer, Marco Berrettini, Cindy Van Acker and Phil Hayes who joined the team recently. Let us welcome him with a bang, let's open the festivities!

Ruth Childs began the season at La Bâtie-Festival in Geneva with Particular Real / Calico Mingling / Reclining Rondo / Katema, a program featuring works created in the 70's by her aunt Lucinda Childs. Find this new re-creation and the first series (the pieces of the sixties) to the four corners of Europe!
In October, PACT Zollverein will host the first research residency of The Goldfish and the inner Tube, her first personal creation in collaboration with Stéphane Vecchione.

Next dates
10/9 Calico Mingling Fous de Danse - Volksbühne Berlin (D)
24/9 Reclining Rondo/Katema Museo Vincenzo Vela Ligornetto (CH)
29/9 Pastime/Carnation/Museum Piece Ciało/Umysł Varsovie (PL)
01/10 Calico Mingling Fous de Danse - Fest d'Automne Paris (F)
11/10 Pastime/Carnation/Museum Piece Charleroi Danses Bruxelles (B)



  Ruth Childe, Katema ©Gregory Batardon
Katema ©Gregory Batardon

Phil Hayes
This is a quote from Groucho Marx, «These Are My Principles ... If you do not like them I have others», which is at the origin of Phil Hayes' latest creation These Are My Principles ... For actOral, Phil Hayes and Nadia Gambier will propose a French version of this performance which questions our choices and our principles, until we doubt what we think.
In November, run to see his new creation WORK at the Gessnerallee in Zürich.

Next dates
30/9-01/10 These Are My Principles… Actoral Festival Marseille (F)
23-29/11 WORK (premiere) Gessnerallee Zürich Zürich (CH)


  Phil Hayes, These Are My Principles ©Nicolas Spoerri These Are My Principles ©Nicolas Spoerri

Gregory Stauffer
The tour of the solo Walking continues but this time with a site specific adaptation. We will meet you at the Reihe Neu-Oerlikon festival in the gardens of Zürich on September 16th and then on September 17th at Parc Rousseau in Ermenonville to discover it.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see Dreams for the dreamless, Gregory Stauffer's new solo, we invite you to the Arsenic starting September 28th. And he will present the same piece in a gallery version at the Tinguely Museum in Basel on the 15th of October.

Next dates
16/9 Walking Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon Zürich (CH)
17/9 Walking Festival des Fabriques Parc Rousseau Ermenonville (F)
24/09 Walking Exposition en marche Sion (CH)
28/9-01/10 Dreams for the dreamless Arsenic Lausanne (CH)
15/10 Dreams for the dreamless PerformanceProcess Basel (CH)


  Dreams for the dreamless  ©Gregory Batardon Dreams for the dreamless ©Gregory Batardon

Marco Berrettini
Marco Berrettini continues the iFeel series tour in Norway and then in Italy with IFeel2 and IFeel4. At the same time, he is working on his next creation My Soul is My Visa, soon to be in residence in Mottatom in Geneva, then at Pôle-Sud in Strasbourg and then at the Théâtre du Galpon where the premiere will take place on the 5th of February 2018.

Next dates
13/9 iFeel2 Bit teatergarasjen Bergen (N)
15+16/9 iFeel4 Bit Teatergarasjen Bergen (N)
24+25/10 iFeel4 Danae Festival Milan (IT)


  Marco Berrettini, iFeel4 ©Christian Lutz
iFeel4 ©Christian Lutz

Cindy Van Acker
Cindy Van Acker will revive Zaoum (2016), a piece for 7 performers inspired by the musical work of Luigi Nono, Quando stanno morendo (1982).
« The Flemish choreographer here composes splendid scenes resembling real living pictures. As a meditative as well as a combative piece, Zaoum convokes with maestria the ghosts of the resistance.»  Cécile Dalla Torre, Le Courrier.
Cindy Van acker will also perform in Paris with the project Insert coins / Knusa which brings together an intimate solo of the choreographer and the works of the photographer Christian Lutz.

6+7/10 Zaoum TLH Sierre (CH)
31/10+ 1-2/11 Insert Coins/Knusa CCS Paris (F)
9/11 Zaoum Festival NEXT Schouwburg, Kortrijk (B)


  Cindy Van Acker, Zaoum ©Louise Roy
Zaoum ©Louise Roy


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