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Photo: Gregory Batardon

The Wide West Show


From January 31st to February 2nd, Arsenic – Lausanne, Switzerland

Cast & Credits

Interpretation: Ariel Garcia, Johannes Dullin Gregory Stauffer
Dramaturgy: Marius Schaffter
Costumes, scénography: Beth Dillon & Alice Joel
Soundscape and music composition: Ariel Garcia
Lights: Joana Oliveira
Administration & diffusion: Tutu Production – Pauline Coppée
Production: Le cabinet des curiosités
Co-production: Arsenic, Lausanne et Adc, Genève
Residencies: Arsenic  (Lausanne, Switzerland) ; Adc Geneva (Switzerland), Campo (Gand-Belgium), Lo Studio (Arbedo)

Photos: © Le cabinet des curiosités

Dealing with the topic of neoliberal liquid life, The Wide West Show is a choreographic stream of changes and conquest. A parade of the failed Progress. A glide on capitalistic ruins embodied in silly bodies.



Dreams for the dreamless

Cast & Credits

Creation 2017

Choreography and performance: Gregory Stauffer
Costumes, installation, video: Beth Dillon
Sound composition: Ariel Garcia
Light design: Jonas Bühler
Poetic consultant: Alain Volpe
Dramaturgy: Johannes Dullin
Administration / Diffusion: Tutu Production – Pauline Coppée
Production: le Cabinet des curiosités Genève
Coproduction: ADC- Association pour la Danse Contemporaine, Genève ; Südpol, Lucerne ; Arsenic, Lausanne
Fundings: ville de Genève, la Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia – Fondation suisse pour la culture, Fondation Nestlé pour l’art, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, la Tanzhaus, Zurich.


Photos: © Grégory Batardon

Inspired by the Scandinavian nature, Gregory Stauffer meets the body with organic matter in Dreams for the Dreamless. A touching and compelling show, fed of scum and wind… it is a journey that Gregory Stauffer offers us with Dreams for the Dreamless. A sensorial, choreographic and musical meander, which oscillates between the quest for an elsewhere and a return to the self. … Having spent time in Finland in the frame of an artist residency, the young dancer, born in 1980, brings back souvenirs of light and dark waters, brought to life in a solo performance of mysterious and ambivalent energies.

Le Courrier, Cécile Dalla Torre, 19




Cast & Credits

Creation 2015

Choreography and performance: Gregory Stauffer
Dramaturgy: Marius  Schaffter
Set and costume design: Jérôme Stünzi & Gregory Stauffer
Lights: Antoine Frammery
Sound: Ariel Garcia
Administration et diffusion: Tutu Production – Pauline Coppée
Production: Le cabinet des curiosités
Coproduction: Théâtre de l’Usine, Genève & Reso
Supports: Pro Helvetia, Reso – Swiss dance network, Ville de Genève, République et Canton de Genève, Loterie Romande, Nestlé pour l’Art, Corodis


Photos: © Chloé Tun Tun

For 60 minutes, I walk with a drum, with a flute, but mainly using only the body in motion. During the performance, the physical gestures of walking evolve and change in response to playful experimentation with forces of imbalance and falling. This performance is a tribute to the land that carries our shifting verticalities and grounds our dreams and ambitions. The focus of attention is brought to ground level, to the height of the foot and the earth that we crowd, drawing tracks and paths on our journey through life until death. This work considers wandering as a way of being in the world where, according to the words of Rebecca Solnit, the landscape and the mind and the body connect with each other to form a musical chord.

Gregory Stauffer




Gregory was introduced to live arts practice through experimental and performative rock. He immersed himself in land art and fine arts experimentation in Geneva. Finally, he undertook physical theater training at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio. Since 2006, he has been developing choreographic work in-situ. His multidisciplinary practice flows between choreography, video, drawing and sound in a playful and deliberately blurry way. He promotes collaborations and feeds a passion for creative processes. Gregory is co-founder and member of the 2007-2017 Authentic Boys video-performance collective. He teaches in several university programs in Switzerland and France. He is regularly invited to the Swiss Contemporary Dance Days and his work is visible both in theaters and contemporary art spaces. After two years of working nomadically, he moved to Lausanne where he became an associated artist with Arsenic, center of contemporary scenic art for the 17/18 & 18/19 seasons. Gregory created the solos, Dreams for the Dreamless in 2017 and Walking in 2015. He also toured with Introducing Schaffter & Stauffer 2014 and site specific intervention series, 2/3 2011-2015.


The Wide West Show

01/31 –  Arsenic, Lausanne (CH)

02/01-02 – Arsenic, Lausanne (CH)

03/13-24 (0ff 18-19) – ADC, Genève (CH)

03/28-31 – Arsenic, Lausanne (CH)
In the framework of Programme Commun


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