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Photo: Marie  Magnin



10/30-31/2019, ADC – Geneva, Switzerland
11/01-03/2019, ADC – Geneva, Switzerland

Cast & Credits

Choreography, performance: Ruth Childs
Technical direction and light design: Joana Oliveira
Sound design and research: Stéphane Vecchione
Choreography, assistant: Maud Blandel
Dramaturgy, assistant: Lou Forster
Costumes: in progress
Production: Scarlett’s
Delagated production and diffusion: Tutu production – Lise Leclerc
Coproductions:  ADC-Genève, Arsenic, Lausanne, Atelier de Paris / CDCN
Supports: Tanzhaus Zürich

Photos: Image tirée du film Fantasia

« My first creation The Goldfish and the Inner Tube, in collaboration with Stéphane Vecchione, was an explosive exploration including sound, materials
 and bodies. For fantasia, I will focus the field of research on the body and its musicality.
Lately, during my choreographic research, I started noticing how familiar tunes make me do spontaneous and surprising things: my body finds postures dynamics, and movements without making a conscious effort. Something about finding the unknown through the known has captivated me.
During my research, I have turned to the works of the artist-performer Hannah Wilke who stages her own body in her film Gestures (1974) or her photos Starification Object Series (1974.) She treats her skin and face as clay, or covers her body with chewing gum to form a sculptural object. She combines a complete absence of subjectivity and a precise and intense utilization of the body. This physicality particularly interests me, in her choice of vulnerable and humorous materials: chewing gum, modeling clay, skin.
Fantasia is a musical composition with a free form and often improvisatory style, a musical composition based on several familiar tunes, something composed of a mixture of different forms or styles, a 1940s Disney Classic, an Arabian horse show… It’s also the name I give to this dance. »

Ruth Childs



The Goldfish and the Inner Tube

Cast & Credits

Creation 2018

Conception, performance, music: Ruth Childs et Stéphane Vecchione
Light design: Joana Oliveira
Technical research: Victor Roy
Dramaturgy: Michèle Pralong
Production: Scarlett’s
Delegated production and diffusion: Tutu production – Lise Leclerc
Coproductions: ADC-Genève, L’Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson CDC – Paris, Arsenic-Lausanne.

Supports: Affaires culturelles du Canton de Vaud, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Fondation Stanley Thomas Johnson, Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia, Fonds d’encouragement à l’emploi des intermittents genevois (FEEIG),la Loterie Romande, la Ville de Lausanne


Photos: © Marie Magnin

With this performance project we offer a collection of situations which we construct and deconstruct in front of an audience using our bodies, objects, materials, sounds, space and a given time. We are workers, performers, spectators and even objects, thus constantly playing with our functions.
As artists we propose a modest, quirky and curious investigation rather than a firm statement, offering a detailed observational mode of situations going from the most mundane to the most fascinating. We are looking for openings, and surprises, for the ambiguity between the abstract and the absurd, the body and the object, the spectator and the performer, the man and the woman, the musician and his music, the mirror and the window, lightness and despair, coexistence and autonomy, and generosity and mistrust. We also intend to forget momentarily our own labels of dancer/performer (Ruth Childs) and musician/performer (Stéphane Vecchione.) We seek an exchangeable, ephemeral and recyclable status.



Calico Mingling / Katema / Reclining Rondo / Particular Reel

Cast & Credits

Creation 2017

Particular Reel, Katema

Choreography: Lucinda Childs
Dance: Ruth Childs
Assistant: Ty Boomershine
Light design: Joana Oliveira
Costumes: Severine Besson

Calico Mingling, Reclining Rondo

Choreography: Lucinda Childs
Dance: Ruth Childs, Anne Delahaye or Stéphanie Bayle, Anja Schmidt, Pauline Wassermann
Assistant: Ty Boomershine
Light design: Joana Oliveira
Costumes: Severine Besson

Production: Scarlett’s
Delegated Production:  Tutu Production
Coproduction: La Bâtie Festival de Genève,Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne

Financial support City of Geneva, Pro Helvetia, Fondation Suisse des Artistes Interprètes, Fond Mécénat SIG, Fondation Nestlé pour l’art, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Corodis, Loterie Romande.


Photos: © Mhedi Benkler

In 2015, Lucinda Childs transmitted three of her iconic solos from the 60’ to Ruth Childs. This first artistic encounter gave birth to the recreation of Pastime (1963), Carnation (1964), and Museum Piece (1965).  Two years after her first successful collaboration, Ruth Childs continues to revive her aunt’s dances through a second series of performances created in the 70s: Particular Reel (1973), Calico Mingling (1973), Reclining Rondo (1975) and Katema (1978). This program focuses on the choreographer’s aesthetic transition prior to the creation of her now-famous Dance show in 1979.



Pastime, Carnation, Museum Piece

Cast & Credits

Creation 2016

Pastime, Carnation and Museum piece

Choreograpy: Lucinda Childs
Dance: Ruth Childs
Light design: Eric Wurtz

Calico Mingling (film)

Choregraphy: Lucinda Childs
Film maker: Babette Mangolte
Dancers: Susan Brody, Lucinda Childs, Nancy Fuller et Judy Padow
Place: Robert Moses Plaza, Fordham University

Katema (film)

Choregraphie and dance: Lucinda Childs
Photography: Renato Berta
Place: Kunsthaus Zürich

Production: Scarlett’s
Coproduction: ADC – Association pour la danse contemporaine
Supports: La Ville de Genève, le Canton de Genève, Stanley Johnson, la Loterie Romande, la Corodis, la Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, la Fondation Vuitton et Pro Helvetia


Photos: © Grégory Batardon

Lucinda Childs is one of post-modern dance’s pre-eminent icons, and a founding member of the Judson Dance Theater. She also happens to be my aunt. We decided to work on a revival project of three solos that she choreographed and performed herself in the 1960’s at the Judson Dance Theater in New York: Pastime, Carnation and Museum Piece.

We revived these three solos to be as close as possible to the original versions, knowing that there are no film archives of her solos during the Judson period. Lucinda gave me very exact choreographic indications. She shared anecdotes and archives from that period. She then left me with room to explore my own way to perform these 3 solos.

With the exception of Carnation, these solos are quite unknown and have never been presented outside of the USA. This work of revival, handing-down and re-creation is essential because it allows a new generation of audiences to discover these historic pieces.




British-American dancer and performer Ruth Childs was born in 1984 in London. She grew up in the United States where she studied dance (classical and contemporary) and music (violin.) In 2003 she moved to Geneva to finish her dance training with the Ballet Junior de Genève. Following this, she started working with many internationally known choreographers and directors including Foofwa d’Imobilité, La Ribot, Gilles Jobin, Massimo Furlan, Marco Berrettini and Yasmine Hugonnet.

Since 2015, she is also working on a re-creation and revival project of the early works of her the aunt, the American choreographer Lucinda Childs.

In 2014 she founded her company SCARLETT’S in order to develop her own work through dance, performance, film and music and collaborates with Stéphane Vecchione on musical project “SCARLETT’S FALL.”

In 2016 the state of Geneva awarded her a scholarship and research residency in Berlin of 6 months to develop her own work. . Her first stage piece in collaboration with Stéphane Vecchione, The Goldfish and the Inner Tube, premiered in April 2018.

She will premiere fantasia, her first solo at the ADC, Geneva in October 2019.


The Goldfish and the Inner Tube

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Inner Tubes

02/16 – Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland (CH)

Calico Mingling/Katema
Reclining Rondo/ Particular Reel

01/25-27– Festival Trajectoires, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (FR)

09/07-08 – Akademie der Künste, Berlin (DE)

Pastime/Carnation/ Museum Piece 

02/02 – Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain, Nice (FR)

02/23 – Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (SP)


02/24 – Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (SP)


10/30-31 – ADC, Genève (CH)

11/01-03 – ADC, Genève (CH)

11/20-24 – Arsenic, Lausanne (CH)

11/12-13 – Atelier de Paris / CDCN, Vincennes (FR)


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