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Photo : Julie Masson

Dans ton intérieur

Création 2024
Durée : à venir

Cast & Credits

Conception, écriture, interprétation : Julia Perazzini
Collaboration artistique, dramaturgie : Louis Bonard
Lumières : Gildas Goujet
Musique : Andreas Lumineau
Maître en hypnose : Anne Lanco
Costumes : Rachèle Raoult
Fabrication prothèses : Jean Ritz
Administration et production : Tutu Production – Véronique Maréchal

Production : Cie Devon
Coproduction : Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne, Théâtre Public de Montreuil – Centre Dramatique National, Théâtre Saint Gervais, Genève
Soutiens : Ville de Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, Loterie romande, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Fondation Leenaards, Fondation Jan Michalski, Migros Vaud.

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Photos: © Julie Masson

Dans la continuité de sa précédente pièce Le Souper, Julia Perazzini poursuit ses recherches sur l’identité et part en quête d’un autre membre absent de sa famille : le grand-père italien dont elle porte le nom et qu’elle n’a jamais connu. S’ouvre alors un voyage en dialogue avec les interlocuteur.ices rencontré.es durant cette enquête et les à qui elle redonne vie.

La grand-mère de Julia Perazzini a un jour décidé de couper les liens avec son mari sans explication apparente. Comme si elle l’avait fait disparaître. A moins que ce ne soit l’inverse… Les souvenirs, les traces et les secrets que cette aïeule a laissés derrière elle après son décès accompagnent l’artiste dans sa recherche. Celle-ci entreprend de se mettre dans la peau de ses grands-parents et engage une investigation protéiforme, avec détective privé et séances d’hypnose, explorant avec ingéniosité différents types d’existence. Comme une toile d’araignée intime qu’elle tisse pour, peu à peu, donner corps à son propre nom.


Dossier de diffusion (à venir)


Revue de presse (à venir)

Le Souper

Creation 2019
Duration : 70’

Cast & Credits

Ecriture, conception, jeu : Julia Perazzini
Musique live : Samuel Pajand
Lumière : Philippe Gladieux
Collaboration artistique et dramaturgie : Louis Bonard
Assistant scénographie : Vincent Deblue
Regard extérieur : Marie-Noëlle Genod
Régie son : Félix Perdreau
Costume : Karine Dubois
Administration et diffusion : Tutu Production – Véronique Maréchal

Production : Cie DEVON
Coproduction : Arsenic à Lausanne, Théâtre Saint-Gervais à Genève

Soutiens : Ville de Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, Loterie romande, Pro Helvetia, Fondation Jan Michalski, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Pour-cent culturel Migros, Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes SIS, Migros Vaud

 Voir un extrait vidéo

Photos: © Dorothée Thébert

Le Souper recounts an imaginary encounter between Julia Perazzini and her older brother, who died before she was born. A dialogue through time and space, death and life, that thumbs its nose at chronology, so-called logic and the order of things. By playing her own character in conversation with the imaginary departed, she operates a cathartic, poetic and joyful ritual, which questions the very fact of being. After her acclaimed solo Holes & Hills, Julia Perazzini takes to the stage alone once more to pursue her research into forms of identity, this time via her relationship to the realm of the invisible. “We will journey through Le Souper as we would journey through a long night, wandering through the layers of time. Biting into all of them at once, like a lasagna.”



Waves on

Cast & Credits

Creation 2019
Performance en anglais – Durée 30 min

Une performance de et avec Julia Perazzini, Cie Devon
Créé dans le cadre de l’exposition de peintures murales de Sarah Margnetti et Charlotte Herzig à La Ferme de la Chapelle, Lancy-Genève
Regard extérieur : Simon Guélat, Louis Bonard
Administration-diffusion : Tutu Production – Véronique Maréchal
Avec le soutient de DOC ! Paris, Le Carreau du Temple et La Ménagerie de verre, Paris

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Photos: © Alexandre Morel et Nicolas Delaroche

Following on her research on the permeability between individuals, Julia Perazzini explores the field of perception with Waves On. She is updating the content of YouTube videos that recreate the experience of deaf and hard of hearing people who, when activating a cochlear implant (of the inner ear) by an audiologist, hear for the first time. Embodying a continuous flow of characters, the artist stages the intensity of their reactions and re-plays identically the specificities of their words and gestures. “I impersonate them with nothing but my body and my voice. This ultra theatrical moment places the person into a new world in a split second, and their interlocutor too. It’s an inner revolution, a big bang. ”


Broadcast folder on demand

Holes & Hills

Cast & Credits

Creation 2016

Conception-mise en scène-jeu : Julia Perazzini
Collaboration artistique : Simon Guélat
Scénographie : Christopher Füllemann
Lumière et régie générale : Antoine Frammery
Régie son : Samuel Pajand
Costumes : Julie Monot
Coach vocal et regard extérieur : Emmanuelle Lafon
Administration et diffusion : Tutu Production – Véronique Maréchal
Production : Cie DEVON
Coproduction : Arsenic, Lausanne, Centre culturel suisse – Paris
Soutiens : Loterie Romande, Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA) Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Fondation Jan Michalski, Pour-cent culturel Migros

Soutiens à la tournée : Ville de Lausanne, Pro Helvetia et Corodis.

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Photos: © Tristan Savoy, Serge Letellier et Julie Masson

Holes & Hills consists of excerpts from interviews of people, who share themselves in their densities and their emptiness, to which Julia Perazzini has removed all the questions and given back the answers. She captures the voices of public and anonymous people who burst on stage through the infinite metamorphoses of the actress. An invitation to walk on the hills of the human territory, to venture to its borders, with the risk of tumbling into all its holes …
« She has this rare talent that consists of giving us to see / experience the essence of a human being. By a meticulous work of copyist and its re-enactment so rigorous, Julia Perazzini becomes a documentary of the soul. Freaky, disturbing, queer, hetero, she is close to madness, our madness.” 
Natacha Koutchoumov



Cast & Credits

Creation 2012

Concept, performance, costumes: Julia Perazzini
Assistant on transformations: Julie Monot
Lights: Guillaume Guex
Outside eye: Alexandre Doublet and Mathieu Urfer

Photos: © Valérianne Poidevin

IT’S reflects on the identity of the human being, one’s ability to know, to misunderstand and to recognise oneself. To present oneself to the world and to imagine oneself, to invent oneself in front of others or to invent parallel lives (which, according to some thinkers, differentiates us from animals). IT’S is played in the foyer of the theatre, the bar … The bar as a space in between, neutral, anonymous, where one can come to lay his being, alone or to meet those we love. A place of music too, of songs.

The actress and performer Julia Perazzini questions the role played by the gaze of others in an identity quest. Inspired by the work of self-representation practiced with a touching despair by the Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe and with a frightening and fascinating lucidity by the visual artist Cindy Sherman, this mise en scène and in abyss is divided into four themes: multiplicity and the multiplication of the image, like Warhol’s serigraphy series and Sherman’s infinite incarnations, sexuality and eroticisation of the body, and finally a play between appearing and disappearing to its ultimate purpose: death (which is always offside). An authentic search and a disconcerting travel to the land of affectations.


Broadcast folder


Julia Perazzini is a Swiss performer and director, graduated in drama from the Manufacture in Lausanne in 2006. She writes performances around the questions of identity, representation, language and forces of the invisible.

In 2012, she founded the Cie Devon and created a self-staged performance in four parts Hey, …it’s cold here! (TLH-Sierre, Arsenic-Lausanne) from which the solo IT’S – based on transformism and designed for theatres’ foyers and art galleries – is still touring.

In 2016, she created Holes & Hills (Centre culturel Suisse – Paris, Arsenic – Lausanne), Waves On (festival Antigel – Geneva) and Le Souper in 2019 (Arsenic-Lausanne).

Her work is touring in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

She was artist in residence at the Swiss Institute in Rome in 2013-2014 and created performances together with Valerio Scamuffa (Discuss, Retalk, Hysteria,..).

Aside from her activities as an actress and a writer, she is a dancer for the shows of Larytta, an electronic music act, and directs a video for the band Honey for petzi in 2011, as well as a documentary, E incomplèto, in 2019.

Since 2006, she performs notably for Emilie Charriot, Denis Maillefer, Joel Maillard, Guillaume Beguin, Julie Gilbert, Julien Prévieux, César Vayssié, Emilie Rousset. On film for Lionel Baier, Véronique Aubouy, Bruno Deville, Ilan Kippler, Valérianne Poidevin, Benoît Mariage. She acts as part of performances or arthouse films (Mathieu Coppeland, Anne Rochat, Pauline Julier, Anne-Sylvie Henchoz). She performs in the stage adaptation of King-Kong Theory by Virginie Despente staged by Emilie Charriot (2014), which was selected for the first Swiss Selection in Avignon ( 2016 ) and has toured Europe.


October 25, 26, 2024
Dans ton intérieur
ABC-Temple Allemand avec le Club 44, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)

November 6-23, 2024
Dans ton intérieur
Théâtre Public de Montreuil – CDN (FR)

January 22-25, 2025
Dans ton intérieur
Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva (CH)

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